Welcome to The Complete Producer Network

A community for building expertise, depth, and wisdom in your career as a music creator.

About Us

Founded by seven time Grammy nominated record producer / mixer / programmer / engineer and songwriter Damian Taylor, The Complete Producer Network is an active hub for people all over the world who are dedicated to improving their ability to create and share extraordinary music.

This is an open, inclusive, and supportive community of music creators who come together to share ideas, insights, tips, tricks, strategies and perspectives to drive themselves and others forward.

Our community has open spaces where anyone can join the conversation about every aspect of music production and share their own ideas, work, and goals with the likeminded people they connect with inside.

Why Join?

One of our core beliefs is that anyone, anywhere, can learn to harness the technology around them to create great work. We believe those skills can also be leveraged into growing a fulfilling career in one of the countless opportunities in music creation.

If you believe that you learn not just by experimenting and searching in isolation, but by speaking with and learning from others, then you'll understand the power of a community of like-minded people all devoted to growing.

But The Complete Producer Network isn't just a space to talk. We actively work to share knowledge through detailed educational opportunities. We also believe it's important to learn about our members and to facilitate connecting compatible creators so they can go on to do great things together.

Many of our members collaborate, contribute to each other's projects... and even hire each other.

How Does It Work?

Simply put, we believe the quality of your results is determined by the quality of your questions. As such, The Complete Producer Network is where you can feel free to ask and discuss any questions (at all!) about making and releasing music - and building your life and career in music - without fear of judgement, negativity, or mansplaining.

The network is "Request to Join" because we wanted to create a space online that's sheltered from the full brunt of the open internet. Your posts aren't indexed by Google, your data isn't sold to multinational conglomerates, we don't flash banner ads in your face... and we reserve the right to remove anyone from the network who violates the terms and spirit of our community.

More than a website, The Complete Producer Network is like being invited into a friend's studio to hang out with other people on your wavelength.

Sound good?

Just hit Request to Join above, and keep an eye out for your invite very soon.